Pet Sitting

At Happy Animals we focus entirely on keeping your dog happy by giving it all the care and love it deserves.


Home from home:

– When your dog comes to stay they are part of the family and have constant company, exercise and attention.

17th sep to 23rd sep 12 (65)

– Regular walks across green fields and lots of playtime in an acre of garden or inside ‘playroom’

Happy Animals, Sept 029

– Sleep inside or outside (run with heated shed) at owners request

5th Nov 12 to 11th Nov 12 (92)

– Routine maintained as closely as possible

– Large, secure garden

21st Jan 12 to 27th Jan 12 (29)

– Treats and activity toys

– TLC plentiful!!!!



                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Call in service:

– Stay in familiar surroundings

– Visits once or twice a day

– Routine maintained as closely as possible

– Animals fed and exercised

– TLC plentiful!!!!

– Other home services carried out include lifting the mail, watering plants, opening curtains etc

Prices available on request.

Please feel free to call and discuss you pets’ requirements.