Pet Sitting

Pet sitting is available for all animals. Horses and farmyard creatures, to cats and dogs, to hamsters and rabbits.

Dogs can be cared for from their own home or become part of the family in my home. Other animals will be cared for from their own home.

Home from home:

– When your dog comes to stay they are part of the family and have constant company, exercise and attention.

17th sep to 23rd sep 12 (65)

– Regular walks across green fields and lots of playtime in an acre of garden or inside ‘playroom’

Happy Animals, Sept 029

– Sleep inside or outside (run with heated shed) at owners request

5th Nov 12 to 11th Nov 12 (92)

– Routine maintained as closely as possible

– Large, secure garden

21st Jan 12 to 27th Jan 12 (29)

– Treats and activity toys

– TLC plentiful!!!!

– Grooming can be arranged if required.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Call in service:

– Stay in familiar surroundings

– Visits once or twice a day

– Routine maintained as closely as possible

– Animals fed and exercised

– TLC plentiful!!!!

– Other home services carried out include lifting the mail, watering plants, opening curtains etc

Prices available on request.

Please feel free to call and discuss you pets’ requirements.